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Q. Are Harvard campus trees specifically cut down for this project?  

Harvard campus trees are never removed specifically for this project.  Trees are commonly removed due to dying, overgrowth, or new construction/rennovation.  It is after the tree is removed that we make the bowls, pens and prints.

Q.  How do you make the bowls and prints?

 Click here to view a page about bowl and print making.

Q.  Do you have options for bulk or special orders?

 Yes, please email for any inquiries regarding bulk or special orders.

Q.  Can bowls be specialty engraved with an image?  

Yes, bowls can be specialty engraved.  However, some of the bowls have bases that are too small or have stylistic rings on the bottom.  It is often better to make a new bowl that is similar in size and shape to allow for a larger engraving area.

Q.  Are you licenced by the University to sell these items?

Yes.  Cambridge Bowl Company is licenced by the university.

Q.  Who takes the photography for Cambridge Bowl Company?

Sarah Lynn Hill is a local Boston photographer.  Sarah has her BFA in photography.  She has extensive experience not only photographing prestigous campuses she also has experience with weddings, family portraits and events.  She can be contacted via her website.

Q.  How do you get the wood from the grounds? 

Thanks to Harvard's grounds crews and local tree removal services, we have been able to gather trees before they are hauled away to the dump. 

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